[Air-l] Social movements and the Internet

Lee Salter l.salter at londonmet.ac.uk
Sun Dec 7 09:10:21 PST 2003

The following conference is not solely on the Internet, but there is a 
strand on social movements and the Internet, which some subscribers 
might be interested in?

The Social and Cultural Movements Group, Edge Hill College, UK

2nd International Conference: Imaging Social Movements

Thursday 1st July to Saturday 3rd July 2004

Call for Papers

Following the success of its 2002 conference: Making Social Movements: 
The British Marxist Historians, the Social Movements Group is organising 
a 2nd International Conference for Summer 2004, exploring the theme of 
the construction of images, representations and articulations of social 

The effectiveness of social movements has always relied not only upon 
the political activity and its theoretical conception, but also upon its 
cultural representation and aesthetics. The changing media, cultural and 
technological landscape has transformed the means and media by which 
social movements can create and contest their 'image', and how others 
create and contest images of them. This conference aims to bring 
together social movement researchers across the social sciences and 
humanities in considering questions of conception, process and outcomes 
in the imaging social movements - past, present and future. Proposed 
indicative strands include:

Social Movements and the Internet
Social Movements and Popular Film
The Mechanics of Representation
Narratives/Literatures and Social Movements
Media construction of Opposition
The Documentary Tradition
Social Movements and Popular TV

We welcome traditional papers, posters and less traditional audio-visual 

Send proposals with abstract of 150-200 words by 31st January 2004 to

Roger Spalding/Lee Salter
Edge Hill College, Ormskirk, Lancs, L39 4QP. UK
Email:  salterl at edgehill.ac.uk  
Web site: http://www.edgehill.ac.uk/research/smg/

Lee Salter
School of Law, Governance and International Relations
London Metropolitan University,
62-66 Highbury Grove,
N5 2AD

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