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Dear Friends:

Please note the emphasis on media and IT in the CFP below.

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> Subject: Call For Papers: SHOT 2004
> ----
> Call for Papers
> The International Society of the History of Technology will hold its
> annual meeting in Amsterdam from October 7-10. The Program Committee is
> seeking proposals for both individual papers and complete panels. In
> particular, the committee welcomes work-in-progress from researchers of
> all stripes (including graduate students, chaired professors, and
> independent scholars), and papers from those new to SHOT who believe 
> that
> an engagement with history can help their own work, regardless of
> discipline.
> This year the program will focus on the specific themes outlined below.
> While the committee is open to proposals not falling strictly within 
> the
> themes, we nevertheless do encourage submissions that enter a dialogue
> with them.
> *Water
> The geography and history of the Netherlands lends itself to a focus on
> water; this, broadly defined, forms one of the conference themes.  
> Access
> to and control of water has been central to human life, and it is a
> long-contested resource; this has inevitably had a technological
> component.  Agricultural, domestic, industrial, hygienic, and 
> therapeutic
> applications of water have been components of all civilizations.  The
> committee seeks papers and panels on technology and water in oceans,
> lakes, rivers, canals, aquifers, spas, springs (including geothermal), 
> and
> on rain, plumbing, sewers, or any other water-related topic, including
> political, social or cultural relationships organized around or 
> influenced
> by water.
>  *Transatlantic Community
> Building on the water theme, we also welcome papers and panels related 
> to
> the creation, maintenance, and expansion of the Atlantic Community,
> defined here as including North and South America, Europe, and Africa.
> Possible topics include technological components of transatlantic
> interactions, competitions, exchanges, and the circulation of goods,
> services, people, ideas, and artifacts.
> *Camouflaged Technologies
> We are looking for papers addressing the historical and political
> trajectories of technologies in camouflage, whose actual uses were 
> hidden
> to avoid political, social controversy or prosecution under the law.
> Examples might include controversial technologies such as nuclear 
> power,
> and illicit activities such as drug use, burglary, prostitution, or 
> music
> piracy, where producers and consumers camouflaged actual uses of these
> devices.
> *Non-Aligned Technologies
> The committee also seeks proposals considering what we call non-aligned
> technologies -- technologies that remain outside or resist larger
> networks, systems, geographical regions, or historical settings.
> *Information Technology (IT) and Media Studies
> Information technology and media are frequently the separate subjects 
> of
> specialized academic fields. The program committee seeks proposals that
> problematize their intersections and/or their distinction in a
> historically informed fashion.
> Deadline is April 1, 2004. Please submit your proposals to
> shot2004 at tm.tue.nl.
> Proposals for individual papers must include:
> 1)	a one-page abstract;
> 2)	a one-page curriculum vitae, including current postal and e-mail
> addresses.
> Proposals for complete sessions must include:
> 1)	a description of the session's theme;
> 2)	a list of the presenter's names and paper titles;
> 3)	a one-page abstract and one-page c.v. for each of the presenters 
> (with
> postal and e-mail addresses);
> 4)	a one-page c.v. for the commentator, chair, and session organizer 
> (if
> s/he is not one of the session's panelists).
> The session description should clarify how individual papers 
> contribute to
> the session's overall theme.
> Applicants may submit as follows:
> * Electronic application: send one single e mail message to the program
> committee e-mail address: shot2004 at tm.tue.nl with electronic copies of 
> all
> elements of the complete proposal as attachments, formatted in 
> Microsoft
> Word (any version of Word is fine, but it must be in Word).
> Guidelines for submission:
> ·	Whether submitting an individual paper or a complete panel, the 
> program
> committee needs to receive a separate attachment for each item (vita,
> paper, and so on).
> ·	Please save your proposal with your last name and the word 'proposal'
> (for example brown.proposal.doc)
> ·	Please save your c.v. (idem for panel members) also with your last 
> name
> and the word 'vita' (for example brown.vita.doc)
> ·	In case of a panel, please save their abstracts with their last name 
> and
> the word 'abstract' (for example brown.abstract.doc)
> ·	The file names for all attachments should end in .doc (for example
> johnsonvita.doc)
> Once the program is fixed the committee will make arrangements to make 
> the
> accepted abstract available on the World Wide Web (details pending and 
> to
> be announced).
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