[Air-l] recording .swf and .mov

Willard Uncapher willard at well.com
Sun Jan 12 14:19:32 PST 2003

At 04:20 PM 1/12/2003 -0500, you wrote:

For what it is worth, I simply looked in the internet cache (for the 
appropriate .swf file, which was called. anime[1].swf, under 
windows/temporary internet files/content.ie5/[the appropriate subdirectory- 
the mac would be similar. ).  I then dragged it into a copy of 'macromedia 
flash player 6' which comes with Macromedia Flash MX (but which might be 
available through www.macromedia.com- not a 'plugin' but an actual 
viewer).  And then I had to remember to press 'play' and voila- it 
played.  I might node that Flash MX editor wouldn't open the file, noting 
that it was locked. But for research and aesthetic consideration, the 
integral file was simply waiting there, ready to be databased, watched, and 
integrated into some other presentation.

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