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Hi Amanda and others,
'Children and their Changing Media Environment' was a comparative, European research programme (12 participating countries, 1996-99) on 6-16 year old's media uses, also cmc and phones. All national teams did large scale surveys combined with qualitative studies on the same research-design. The comparative project is written up in "Children and Their Changing Media Environment", edited by Sonia Livingstone and Moira Bovill, Lawrence Erlbaum 2001. Besides there are numerous books and articles on the national findings from each participating national team. You can search on the national team members from the information in Sonia's and Moira's book. The stats, especially on cmc and mobile phoning might be a little out of date even if the analysis are valid, but I know that most of the participating researchers have continued researching along the tracks of the European project. 
My own newer studies show that new media, new forms of communication are integrated in everyday media uses - you don't drop other media (in general) when new one are accessible, but broaden the choice of possible media. Each media (form) serves a particular need/practice. Denmark is one of the countries with largest penetration of mobile phones, also among children and young people - with a huge use of sms. 
If you are interested, send me a mail off-list then I'll refer you to a Danish collegue who is doing a ph.d. on teenagers uses of mobile phones/sms.


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  Hello Aoir's,

  I've been digging around for days looking for global data on the number/percentage of youth (any segment of ages between 9 and 24) who use the Internet/use email/use IM, and I've come up with very, very little. 
  Does any one know of a source for such numbers?
  I'd particularly like both a global number or estimate and/or a country by country break down on use.

  I'd also love a comparative look at IM versus SMS use in a variety of countries. In countries where SMS use is so prevalent among youth, is IM ever used?


  Amanda Lenhart
  alenhart at pewinternet.org

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