[Air-l] SMS?

Rosenberg, Adam (SCH) Adam.Rosenberg at 6c.com
Fri Jan 17 10:21:47 PST 2003

    About short message service (SMS), I would point out that it was an
add-on to the Global System for Mobility (GSM) cellular standard and it
took off like hotcakes in Japan.  There is also EMS, extended message
service, that sends sound bytes and stuff like that.  And there is
multimedia message service (MMS) that can send images.  MMS phones are
the ones that can point at something and e-mail a picture, I'm told.

    Japanese teenagers may have shortened thumbs from sending so many
short messages on their cell phones.

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> >Where do you live, Mark ?
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> Southern California.
> SMS is not as prevalent here as in Europe, and apparently neither is 
> the term (though I'm sure people more astute than I are familiar with 
> it).
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