[Air-l] asking for advice

João Martins joaomartinsladeira at bol.com.br
Fri Jul 18 17:04:45 PDT 2003


My name is João Martins and I am a post graduated student in 
Communication at Universidade Federal Fluminense, (or 
Fluminense Federal University, if you like), seated in Niterói, Rio de 
Janeiro, Brazil, researching for my thesis about social dynamics of 
cooperation in the development of the Gnutella Protocol. Besides 
the work in my project I am working also, as a volunteer, in the 
documentation of http://rfc- gnutella.sourceforge.net/, a project that 
assembles the various documents that make up the Gnutella RFC. 
My responsibilities are associated with the research directory, with 
intent to gather together the academic interest in that protocol. So, 
I want to ask your advice regarding the existent bibliography upon 
the protocol.  The main perspective of rfc-gnutella relates to the 
technology, but my interest is to implement a sociological view. 
So, I am asking your advice. Any interesting papers or thesis are 
João Martins

Further identification 
Post graduated program in Communication at Universidade Federal 
Fluminense seated in Rua Tiradentes, 148, Ingá, Niterói, 24510-
590 Tel 55-21-2618-3409
João Martins. 55-21-2508-8408, joaomartinsladeira at bol.com.br 
This work is supported by Faperj, foment institution of the Rio de 
Janeiro state government. The number of the project is E-
My Curriculum Vitae is available at our National Research Council 
(CNPq, Conselho Nacional de Pesqusa) website: 

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