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To: Air-I members,

I would like to invite you to visit Beadgee, a net.art project commissioned by Impakt.nl. I believe it would interest some of you since it deals with the disintegration of texts in an on-line environment. I would be happy to hear any comments.

Best Regards,
Tamar Schori

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For mac users

Through Impakt as a part of the "Art of the Narrative" contest - 

Beadgee by Tamar Schori
The book 'Three Young Rats and other rhymes' edited by James Johnson Sweeny (Museum of Modern Art, New York) served as the starting point for Tamar Schori's 'Beadgee'. As a teenager she read this book and was fascinated by the rhymes. When she juxtaposed the rhymes with her drawings she made privately since she was an art student, accidental layers of meanings were created.

The drawings are imaginary gizmos consisting of entangled parts that can be reassembled. Some of the parts (beads) are rigid and some seems to be alive. 'Beadgee' holds an abundant of different drawings; each drawing corresponds to one rhyme. The user is invited to choose from the gizmos, explode them and pick desired beads to comprise a new gizmo. Each individual bead within a gizmo is associated with a word from the enclosed rhyme. As long as the user is in the 'explode mode' the words from the rhyme are being played. When one selects a part of the exploded drawing, a word from the rhyme is selected and attached to this part. The order ofthe selected beads dictates the order of the words in the new rhyme. The newly made gizmo can be submitted into the gallery, where any user can follow the narrative that is built by the participants. 'Beadgee' tailors a new story and a new visual landscape that will manage to use given elements to enfold into a new story. The new images make new combinations and reveal each time more information which can differ every time as new juxtapositions are put forward. The projects relates to narrative art through a process of dissociation and reassembly. It becomes a vehicle to translate the spirit of absurdity and fantasy into a different form of reading.
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