[Air-l] Workshop on 'UbiDesign, HCI aspects in scenarios of convergent me dia'

A.C.Roibas at bton.ac.uk A.C.Roibas at bton.ac.uk
Mon Jul 21 09:01:34 PDT 2003

Workshop on 'UbiDesign, HCI aspects in scenarios of convergent media', 14th
March, Orlando, Florida (USA)- in adjunction to PerCom 2004.

The workshop intends to explore and analyse crucial issues in the design of
interaction in scenarios of ubiquitous communication (multi-device
Theme and interest of the topic
The recent developments in communication technologies (3G, iTV, broadband,
etc) will strongly enhance and extend communication possibilities in
ubiquitous contexts. In this sense, convergent media is becoming one of the
main relevant HCI issues. Therefore, new design approaches, HF studies,
behavioural theories and evaluation techniques must arise in order to be
able to design interactive mobile artefacts that provide the user with a
positive experience.
Development of a HF research agenda for this specific issue, to identify and
extend the research community in this topic. Moreover, to sensitise
designers to the particular interaction-design issues in these kind of
communication scenarios (learning models, interface evaluation, etc.).
Target audience
The workshop is intended for practitioners working in the communications
industry (as telecom and iTV: device manufacturers, service providers,
etc.), for HF academics and for students with interests in human computer
interaction and mobile interaction.
Participants will be asked to submit a brief position paper or a reference
to a
Related project in which they have been involved (max 5 A4 pages).
Participants will be selected on the basis of their interest in and
familiarity with the topic.
Although not particular skills are required, basic knowledge of interaction
design issues are recommendable. A group not bigger than 20 participants
will be very suitable to a positive share knowledge and experiences.
However, if the interest in this topic significantly increases and request
to participate warrant, then it would consider reformatting the workshop to
accommodate larger numbers.
Duration and organization
The workshop is designed as a one-day practical activity with relevant
theoretical discussion, ending with a poster design session. After the
presentations and debate, participants will be invited to choose a format of
interactive service for ubiquitous contexts and hypothesise a suitable
scenario of use that will enhance users' interactive experience with several
devices. Each team will be asked to summarise its findings with a poster
Expected outcomes
This workshop will evaluate the evolution of HCI for convergent media and
discuss new challenges for the industry in this field. Posters will
summarise findings from groups' works. Results of the Workshop will also be
made available on the Workshop's Web site.
Workshop candidates are requested to send a position paper (no longer than 5
A4 pages) before the 1st November to a.c.roibas at brighton.ac.uk
<mailto:a.c.roibas at brighton.ac.uk> .
Important Dates / Deadlines
*	Position papers' submission deadline: 1st November, 2003 
*	Acceptance Notification: November 15, 2003 
*	Camera Ready Manuscripts: December 10, 2003 
*	Workshop Date: March 14, 2004

Workshop organizers

Dr. Anxo Cereijo Roibás
Senior lecturer,
School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences
University of Brighton.
Professor of Interaction Design and Multimedia Strategies
Faculty of Design, Politecnico di Milano University
a.c.roibas at brighton.ac.uk <mailto:a.c.roibas at brighton.ac.uk> 

Stefania Marcoli
Design consultant
stefania at marcoli.it <mailto:stefania at marcoli.it> 

Lucia Terrenghi
Dipl. Designer
Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology
lucia.terrenghi at fit.fraunhofer.de <mailto:lucia.terrenghi at fit.fraunhofer.de>

*Please note that participants need to register to the PerCom 2004
conference. For registration details and fee see http://www.percom.org

For more information, see

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