[Air-l] Studies on K-12 reading, reading comprehension, and/or learning on the Internet

Don Leu djleu at uconn.edu
Mon Jul 21 09:12:04 PDT 2003

Hi everyone.

I have really enjoyed following the posts to this list and exchanging 
information and ideas with a number of members.  We seem like a 
wonderfully diverse and supportive group.  I am hoping to get to my 
first conference this year in Toronto so that I can begin to make 
personal contact.

I am writing to let interested individuals know of a project we are 
working on at the University of Connecticut and to request advice.

First the work.  This year we are conducting a reanalysis of the 2002 
US National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) data on reading 
(national data of reading achievement in the US).  We seek to develop a 
factor analytic model of relationships between reading achievement and 
technology use by race, class, and gender. Part of this work also 
involves completing a research review of experimental and 
quasi-experimental studies of reading, reading comprehension, and 
learning among K-12 (roughly ages 5-18) students within Internet 
contexts.  The purpose of this review is to inform both the factor 
analytic model we are developing as well as to inform the development 
of the next NAEP assessment, with an eye to possibly expanding NAEP’s 
current definition of reading to include reading on the Internet in 
their assessment.

Now the request for advice.  We have started an extensive review of the 
literature for this last part of the project using the traditional 
tools: PsychInfo, ERIC, Soc Abstracts, etc.  As part of our procedures, 
we are also querying experts as to the most important journals where 
this type of work appears and to the most important studies with which 
they are familiar on reading, reading comprehension, and learning 
within K-12 Internet contexts.

If you are familiar with this area of study, could you provide the 
titles of the most important journals publishing this type of work 
and/or any critically important studies that we should not overlook.

If it seems appropriate, please send this to me off list. 
(djleu at uconn.edu).  Many thanks!



Donald J. Leu
John & Maria Neag Endowed Chair in Literacy and Technology
University of Connecticut
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Visit the Literacy Web: http://www.literacy.uconn.edu

" Every one of us is given the gift of life, and what a strange gift it 
is. If it is preserved jealously and selfishly, it impoverishes and 
saddens. But if it is spent for others, it enriches and beautifies."
-- Geraldine Ferraro, Acceptance speech at the 1984 Democratic Party 
National Convention

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