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S Clift slc at publicus.net
Tue Jul 29 11:03:06 PDT 2003

Do you have an interesting research idea related to the use of the Internet
in U.S. 2004 elections? As you many know E-Democracy.Org is known for
implementing low cost (all volunteer that is) projects that lead to
relatively large results.  Right now we are in the process of launching our
"lean and mean" directory of election 2004 links

Because our site has a strong Google rank foundation, we have found that
whatever pages we add our relatively high rankings bring in traffic.  As a
non-profit, non-partisan effort we work to gather inspired volunteers with
an idea they want to carry out.  Right now we are putting up the virtual
nets to bring in the next generation of "e-citizens."  There may be a
research opportunity within this initiative for you. At some point we would
also be open to some sort of opt-in survey on our site.  Because we are
non-partisan you might get a more interesting mix of users than on niche or
candidate sites.

We also have a number of really cool ideas floating around that will
probably only see the light of day if various new media/Internet/computer
science/etc. university research departments use their resources to
implement them as part of their existing research program.  We have the
brand (since 1994) and the willingness to work with others who bring new
ideas to see what works.

If you have a research proposal or a special project to propose, please
send it along: clift at publicus.net   (It will soon be too late to generate
new knowledge about the Internet's role in the next election, because our
ten years of experience tells us that people turn to the Internet when
there is a scarcity of information in other media.  At the presidential
level, the worst three months to study will September, October, and
November 2004.)

Steven Clift
Board Chair, E-Democracy
clift at publicus.net

The Citizen-based, Non-profit, Non-partisan Online Political Resource

Three quick updates:

1. Election 2004

The new E-Democracy.US Election 2004 directory is now open at:


Sections include links to the best election 2004 directories, major
media sites with dedicated campaign 2004 news, the best non-profit
and government election-related resources, and a special section with
Presidential campaign information.

2. White House 2004 E-mail Announcement List

Receive press releases and announcements from substantial
Presidential campaigns as well as information on new online resources
related to the 2004 U.S. presidential election conveniently via e-
mail.  To subscribe, e-mail:

     wh2004-subscribe at yahoogroups.com

Full details on this lower volume, moderated e-mail service is
available at:


3. Volunteer Ye E-Citizens!

E-Democracy launched the world's first election-oriented web site in
1994. We are expanding our volunteer-based, non-profit, non-partisan
efforts to increase public use and awareness of reliable, high-
quality election information resources in the 2004 U.S. election.
This is your chance to help build a comprehensive directory of the
best election 2004 resources based on the citizen perspective. We
need your help to locate and organize the best election resources
that others have spent so much time developing.

Please volunteer using our comment form. Please indicate your
volunteer interests and your related skills:


The Citizen-based, Non-profit, Non-partisan Online Political Resource

Steven Clift
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