[Air-l] Fwd: Ethics and the Internet

Wendy Robinson wgrobin at uc.edu
Wed Jun 18 14:45:16 PDT 2003

Can anyone take this? I'm no expert on this topic.  If you can help out the 
journalist, please contact her directly.  Thanks.

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>Subject: Ethics and the Internet
>From: Elizabeth zwerling <zwerlinge at earthlink.net>
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>My name is Elizabeth Zwerling I'm a correspondent for Women's Enews
>and several publications in the Los Angeles area working on a story on the 
>proliferation of Internet Sites and chat rooms for people (mostly young 
>women) with eating disorders -- they are actually pro-anorexia and 
>pro-bulimia sites. I was hoping to interview you briefly by phone for my 
>article about the ethics (and prevalence) of using the Internet to support 
>such destructive behavior.
>I'm hoping to finish the story by this weekend. I could call you anytime 
>that is convenient for you between now and Sunday 6/22.
>Please let me know if you can fit in a 20-minute interview.
>Thank you very much,
>Elizabeth Zwerling
>Assistant Professor of Journalism
>University of La Verne
>1950 Third Street
>La Verne, CA 91750
>Zwerlinge at ulv.edu

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