Jonathan Lillie jlillie at metalab.unc.edu
Thu Jun 19 06:38:34 PDT 2003

Someone recently posted re: good journals to publish Net-focused research.

Please consider submitting to NMEDIAC, The Journal of New Media and 
Culture (at nmediac.net).

The goal of the journal is to publish interdisciplinary work and work 
that represents approahing issues of new media and culture from specific 
fields.  Recently we have had a lot of humanities oriented work, and we really need more 
articles that integrated social science approaches as well.

Submissions from Air-heads are encourage and definitely appropriate to 
the journal's scope and mission!

NMEDIAC is an online journal, and we can host almost any type of digital 
media which pertains to published articles on our server (eat that JoC!).


Jonathan Lillie
Shaw University

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