[Air-l] Value propositions and Proof of concept

Verhulst, Stefaan SVerhulst at markle.org
Mon Nov 17 17:57:53 PST 2003

Dear Colleagues - 

Some value propositions which we hear and read daily:

ICTs and the Interent have the potential to improve health care - 

ICTs and the Internet enable civic participation and community building - 

ICTs serve under-employed and enhance (adult) education - 

Is there any empirical proof? That's the basic question I try to answer in a small project that aims to collect key findings and papers that provides empirical evidence what the real 'social impact' is of ICT - The idea is to have a document that lists the seminal pieces of "proof of concept" research with regard to ICT and its measurable impact on health; civi participation; employment and education ... to share with a broader community of funders and researchers - As such we can identify what is 'known', what types of impact can be identified and where the "gaps" are in the current research literature...

Any suggestions from your end? 

Many thanks in advance 


Stefaan Verhulst 

sverhulst at markle.org 

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