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andrew.herman at comcast.net andrew.herman at comcast.net
Thu Sep 4 15:53:50 PDT 2003

Hi Rhiannon-

Thanks for the info.  I am being paid in CDN$ this year which is why I would 
like to pay in that currency.  I'll let Matt know so he won't delete me from 
the conference.

> Hi Andrew (and other Canucks in similar situation)
> You will also be able to pay for the conference in $CDN on site. 
> However, I'm not sure you will save any money. You will probably get a 
> better exchange rate on your credit card. We will use a fixed rate  that 
> may prove to be higher. But on site, you can also pay by cheque or 
> cash.  I suggest you contact Mat Allen, the Program Chair,  directly to 
> inform him of your intentions.
> Rhiannon Bury
> andrew.herman at comcast.net wrote:
> >Friends-
> >
> >Is it possible to pay for the conference registration in Canadian dollars?
> >
> >Andrew Herman, Ph. D.
> >Visiting Professor and Research Fellow in Communications and Cultural Policy
> >Graduate Program in Communications and Culture
> >York University
> >Toronto, ON
> >
> >P.S.  Please don't bounce me from the program!  I will register as soon as 
> >possible.
> >
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