[Air-l] seeking ethnographers of information and communication technologies

Jenna Burrell J.R.Burrell at lse.ac.uk
Thu Apr 15 00:31:10 PDT 2004

Dear colleagues,

We are constructing a web-based resource for ethnographic approaches to
studying Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).  The website
will be based at the London School of Economics, Department of
Sociology, and aims to network the growing ranks of ICT ethnographers,
increasing communication and awareness of our work.

The website will include: 
         A searchable database of researchers and research projects
         A searchable bibliography
         Facilities for announcements
         Links to web resources

In order to develop this network, we are using broad and inclusive
definitions of both ethnography ('classic' ethnographies; in-depth,
multi-method qualitative approaches; 'online' as well as 'offline'
studies with some element of participant observation) and ICTs
(internet, mobile communications, computing, radio&TV). And of course
all disciplines and multi-disciplinary researchers are welcome.

We are trying to identify all researchers and research projects in this
domain for inclusion in our online database. If you consider yourself to
be an ICT ethnographer according to the specifications described above,
please fill out the form below with a little information about your
current research activities and e-mail it to J.R.Burrell at lse.ac.uk .
Let us know if you have any suggestions for other researchers (including
postgraduates) who could be included in the database: building this
network depends on networking with you! We will not include anyone
without first contacting them directly and getting their permission.

	Your Name:
	Project Names:
	Online or Print Publications:
	Short Description of Research Interests and Projects:

Other researchers we should contact (including email address and
institution, if possible):

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact Don Slater
(d.slater at lse.ac.uk) or Jenna Burrell (j.r.burrell at lse.ac.uk).

Thanks for your help.
        Don Slater
        Jenna Burrell


Don Slater
Reader in Sociology, London School of Economics
Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE
Tel: +44 (020) 7849 4653
Fax: +44 (020) 7955 7405


Jenna Burrell
J.R.Burrell at lse.ac.uk
MPhil/Phd Student
Department of Sociology, London School of Economics


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