[Air-l] Meta-analysis on response rates in Web surveys

Katja Lozar Manfreda katja.lozar at uni-lj.si
Thu Apr 15 01:30:08 PDT 2004


Apologies for cross-posting.

The WebSM research group (http://www.websm.org) is working on a
meta-analysis to compare response rates in Web-based survey to rates in
other survey modes. We already searched relevant scientific journals and
conferences proceedings for relevant publications. But we are aware that we
might miss important reports and articles. That is why we ask for your help.

Please send us references and papers reporting on studies where data from a
Web-based survey were compared to data from other survey modes. We are
interested in the studies having following characteristics:
(1) One of the survey modes used should be a Web-based survey, i.e. a survey
where a survey questionnaire on the Web was used for gathering responses
from respondents.
(2) Data from the Web-based survey should be compared to data from one or
more other survey modes (e.g. email survey, mail survey, telephone survey,
face-to-face survey, fax survey, etc.). Comparable samples should be used in
both (or all) modes. The use of split-sample experimental design is
(3) Data on response rates from the Web and the other survey mode(s) used
should be available.

As an incentive for your help, we will send you a copy of our final report,
and acknowledge your help in the report!

Papers in English, German, French, and Italian are welcome.

Our contact e-mail address: katja.lozar-manfreda at fdv.uni-lj.si
Snail-mail: Katja Lozar Manfreda, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of
Ljubljana, Kardeljeva ploscad 5, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.

P.S. Papers and reports that you will send us will not be published on the
WebSM site (unless you explicitly request it). They will be used exclusively
for the purposes of the meta-analysis.

Lozar Manfreda, Katja, PhD
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Social Science, University of Ljubljana
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