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Olli Sotamaa // Acting Assistant Professor
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Dear friends & colleagues

ISEA2004 (12th International Symposium on Electronic Arts) will be held in
Helsinki, Aland Islands, Tallinn and a huge passenger ferry cruising
between them August 14th - 22nd, 2004. About 1400 experts in the areas of
media culture, research, technology and the arts are expected to attend the
event. Collaboration between research, science and art will be explored in
a range of conferences, exhibitions, concerts, live performances and club

on tickets - RESERVE on-line here: http://www.isea2004.net/tickets. The
cruise prices are all-inclusive (meals, travel, programme all in one).

The Silja Opera ferry is a luxurious passenger liner, a floating tropical
island with pools, palms, jacuzzi and retractable glass roof, turned into a
multi-venue experience. The programme includes clubbing, sound art,
installations, interactive games, sonic experiments, workshops and panels
in venues such as the Metropolitan Club, the Karaoke and Disco Lounge and
the Chill Out Deck, plus unexpected places from lifts to swimming pools.
And don’t forget that August is the most beautiful month to visit the
Nordic and Baltic region!

Some programme highlights of the ferry include DJ FreQ Nasty (UK) - Video
Nasty experience; collaborations with KONEISTO artists; TUOMAS TOIVONEN
(Finland) - underwater sound installation; MONOTON (Konrad Becker,
Austria); FLOAT (Tamas Szakal, Hungary, and Tuomo Tammenpää, Finland);
LIFEBOAT (Nigel Helyer, Sarah Jane Pell, Ionat Zurr and Oron Catts,
Australia); and more. Even the food menu and the contents of the ferry’s TV
channels are especially designed for ISEA2004.

The first two sessions, 'Interfacing Sound' and 'Networked Experience' take
place on the boat. After the cruise, ISEA2004 symposium continues in
Tallinn ('Wearable Experience') and culminates in Helsinki ('Wireles
Experience') with conferences, exhibitions, performances and works in
public spaces.

More info on the web (http://www.isea2004.net) or from Mika Minetti,
mika at isea2004.net, tel. +358 40 719 2280.

BOOK YOUR TICKETS HERE: http://www.isea2004.net/tickets

Welcome aboard!
ISEA 2004 crew

p.s. Information on the programme structure is on our website and regular
press releases and updates can be found on the press pages. Our full
programme consists of over 300 shortlisted entries. Stay tuned for updates!

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