[Air-l] British Academy Invitation

Leslie Marsh L.Marsh at sussex.ac.uk
Tue Apr 20 20:55:00 PDT 2004

There are a few places left to attend the launch of EPISTEME, a 
journal with cross disciplinary interest to science, education, 
history, sociology, cognitive science and law dealing with issues such 

•	Cognition
•	Dissemination
•	Collective Belief
•	Trust and Testimony
•	Feminist Epistemology
•	Sociology of Knowledge

EPISTEME is a new international philosophy journal to be published by  
Edinburgh University Press - http://www.episteme.us.com. 

The launch will take place at 6:00pm at the British Academy on Friday 
4th June 2004. The panel will be comprised as follows:  

Anthony Quinton (Oxford) Chairman
Alvin Goldman (Rutgers) "What Is Social Epistemology? A Smorgasbord 
of Projects"
Steve Fuller (Warwick) "Descriptive vs Revisionary Social 
Epistemology: The Former Viewed by the Latter"
Susan Haack (Miami) "Fallibilism, Objectivity, and the New Cynicism"
James Robert Brown (Toronto) "Money, Method and Medical Research"
Gloria Origgi (CNRS, Paris) "Is Trust an Epistemological Notion?"
John Dupre (Exeter) "What's the Fuss about Social Constructivism?" 

Cheese and wine and a complimentary copy of the first issue will be 
made available.

Time: 18:00-22:00

The British Academy					
10 Carlton House Terrace				
London SW1Y 5AH 

RSVP: Leslie Marsh
4th May 2004.
l.marsh at sussex.ac.uk

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