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P.S.  Sorry for any confusion raised with my previous posting - it wasn't a
marketing effort :)  

datemypet.com is not my site - I was letting the group know about a new
online dating service I found for the purposes of internet dating research
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Those of you interested in the online dating phenomenon might be interested
in a new concept - using pets as an introduction to potential suitors.


" Another dating site? No. A meeting site for pet people? Yes. 

The idea for DateMyPet.com started during a walk with my dog in our local
park (thats him in the picture below). As usual, folks will approach us and
comment on how cute he is. Typically this will lead to a conversation. These
conversations range from simple causal talk to details about their lifes.
Total strangers and we'll be chatting like old friends. Thats the power of
our pets. They provide a common link, an understanding of who we are. 

The folks I meet on these walks range from long time happily married couples
to singles. Though their lifes are very different, they all share a love for
animals. Either as a pet owner or a 'want-to-be'. Speaking to the singles,
it surprised me how many of their dates and relationships ended because the
other partner was not compatible with their love for their pets. These range
from 'she hated my dog's drooling' to 'he is allegic to my cat' and the
classic 'he thinks I'm crazy because I treat them like babies'. When the
decision came to choose the partner or the pet - it was a no brainer for the
majority. The pet won. 

So here we are, "if you want to date me, you have to date my pet". Thats the
drive behind this website. If you knew first hand that a person was a pet
lover, it would make things a lot easier. That is a strong link that can be
built upon. 

DateMyPet.com is not just another dating site. I want it to be a community
for pet owners. Looking for love or friendship. So try it, tell us what you
think. What can be improved? What we can add? What do you want? 

If you are not a pet owner, you are welcomed too. But just remember,
"...date my pet"."



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