[Air-l] Birds of a feather at AoIR 5

Kathleen O'Riordan k.s.o-riordan at sussex.ac.uk
Wed Aug 25 06:47:51 PDT 2004

Dear All

The birds of a feather sesions at AoIR this year are organised along new lines that we 
hope will help to enable networking and communication amongst delegates.  During the 
first session of thw conference (on Sunday afternoon) all of the conference rooms are 
available for Birds of a Feather meetings.  We hope this session will give people time to 
organise further meetings throughout the conference (both using the conference rooms 
and meeting off campus)  - the conference rooms are all available throughout the lunch 
period which is 1.5 hours - which should give time for further short meetings where 
required.  There will also be a further slot to be announced.

To make the opening meetings as productive as possible we ask that you use the Birds 
of a feather forums ( http://forums.aoir.org/index.php?f=1 )
as well as this list to organise groups who would like to meet at the conference.  Rooms 
can be allocated up to the conference as we can use the registration area to carry notices 
about these.  I hope this is clear and that these sessions will contribute to open 
communication at the conference.  

All the best


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