[Air-l] Research on identity communication in online communities

Nancy Baym nbaym at ku.edu
Thu Aug 26 07:53:27 PDT 2004

Thank you for this link. A couple of places you will find relevant 
research are Lori Kendall's book _Hanging Out in the Virtual Pub_ and 
my own book _Tune In, Log On_ which features a chapter on identity 
management in an online community. Good luck with your research, Nancy

>Hello All,
>My advisors and I are conducting research on the identity management of
>online community members. I find some posts in this list very interesting
>and relevant. For example, last week or so, somebody posted a discussion
>regarding how people pick their nicknames online. We are studying various
>ways people manage (or negotiate) their identities and present themselves
>as who they are in the cyberspace. We are not able to find too much
>academic research in this area besides old works from Goffman and some
>social psychologists. So I think maybe I can post here and see if some
>colleagues have similar interests and/or can give some advice.
>Also, we developed an online survey for our study. If interested, anyone is
>welcome to fill it out while we conducting a pilot test. Here is a link:
>Sorry to bother those who are not interested.
>Thank you!
>Jessie Meng Ma, PhD Candidate
>DIT, R.H.Smith School of Business
>University of Maryland, College Park.
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