[Air-l] cms recommendations

Frank Schaap architext at fragment.nl
Thu Feb 12 14:22:59 PST 2004

I realize this probably is a bit off topic, but then again, I wouldn't know 
a better place to ask this question off the top of my head.

For a small project I'm looking for a content management system with the 
following characteristics:

* open source/freeware
* create/maintain a fair amount of static content
* ability to create and navigate that content in sections/categories
* but also provide news in a blog-like section
* integrated image gallery
* preferably integrated forum

This will run on a FreeBSD server that supports MySQL, PHP and Perl. I'd 
prefer a dynamic system that generates pages on the fly from the db, but I 
can work with a system that generates static pages.

I've got the project running with MovableType (except for the forum of 
course) but because of the large amount of static content, I'm now 
maintaining more than 30 page templates and that's only going to increase. 
I'm looking for something a bit more manageable :)

Recommendations and advise welcome.

Barst     [NL] http://fragment.nl/barst/
Fragments [EN] http://fragment.nl/

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