[Air-l] transcribing digital interviews

Mark Warschauer markw at uci.edu
Thu Feb 19 20:30:27 PST 2004

I've always recorded interviews on analogue microcassettes, and then 
used transcribing machines to facilitate transcription process.  The 
use of footpedals to advance or reverse the tape combined with an 
automatic mini-rewind every time the tape starts makes transcribing 
much easier.

I've been thinking of starting to instead use a digital recorder, but 
I can't figure out how I'd do the transcribing of interviews.  I'm 
not even talking about automatic transcription, since as far as I 
know there is no speech-to-text software that can work without being 
trained (so it wouldn't work for interviews).  But even for manual 
transcribing, I'm not aware of any transcribing machine--or alternate 
software program plus foot pedal, for example--that can be used with 
digital recordings.

Does anybody out there record their interviews digitally?  And, if 
so, how do you transcribe them?

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