[Air-l] 2004 Conference - Keynote update

Kathleen O'Riordan K.S.O-Riordan at sussex.ac.uk
Wed Feb 11 06:44:47 PST 2004

I'm also really pleased to announce that keynote speakers Sara Kiesler
and Nina Wakeford have accepted the invitation to speak at the

Nina Wakeford is the Director of INCITE at the University of Surrey. Her
past research has included ethnographic work in the UK and the USA on
computing and internet culture, including studies of cybercafes, online
discussion groups and new media start-up companies. As well as studies of
technology she is interested in the sociology of sexuality, in particular
the use of queer theory, and the potential intersections between such
critical cultural theory, innovative ethnography and design practice. She
has undertaken collaborative projects with companies including British
Telecom, Fuji Xerox, Intel and Sapient. 
(Quoted from http://www.soc.surrey.ac.uk/incite/wireninawakefordbio.htm)

More info here: http://www.soc.surrey.ac.uk/nina_wakeford.htm

Professor Sara Kiesler¹s current projects include:

HomeNet: a study with PI, Bob Kraut, and others of the personal and
social effects of household technology and the Internet on individuals
and families. (http://homenet.hcii.cs.cmu.edu). This project has spun off
to a related project : Participation in Online Communities. New webpage
to come soon.

Multidisciplinary collaboration: Studies under an NSF KDI grant with my
co-PIs Suzie Weisband and Pamela Hinds of distributed collaborations in
science, business, and education. (http://www.multi-collab.org/ ). This
project has spun off to other new projects: NSF ITR Large-scale
collaboration; NSF DST Multiple Task Trajectories. New webpages to come

The Project on People and Robots: an ITR in human-robot interaction and
design with co-PIs Pamela Hinds, Jodi Forlizzi, and Sebastian Thrun.

Quoted from: http://research.nursebot.cs.cmu.edu/Sara/index.html

Further keynote speakers still to be confirmed.

All the best

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