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Uwe Matzat u.matzat at tm.tue.nl
Wed Jan 28 05:45:27 PST 2004

Dear Internet Researchers,

at the sixth international conference

German Online Research 04 (GOR 04)

there is a tutorial workshop program that covers the following topics 
of internet research:

Prof. Don A. Dillman (Washington State University): How the 
Visual Layout of Questions Influences Answers to Web and Other 
Self-Administered Surveys

Dr. Nicola Döring (University of Hamburg): The Analysis of Online 
Groups: Topics, findings, techniques, and applications

Dr. Christian Stegbauer (University of Frankfurt): The Analysis of 
Social Networks in the field of Internet Research 

Dr. Dietmar Janetzko (University of Freiburg): Non-Reactive 
Methods of Data Collection on the Internet

Dr. Ulf-Dietrich Reips (University of Zuerich): Online Experimenting

Holger Geissler (Psychonomics GmbH): Online Employee Surveys

The workshop program takes place before and after the conference 
(March 29 + April 1, 2004). The conference itself takes place 
March 30 + 31, 2004 at the University Duisburg-Essen, Campus 
Duisburg (Germany). 

The GOR 04 conference presentations cover topics such as 

- online groups, 
- e-democracy and civil society, 
- the digital divide, 
- the Internet and social networks, 

and others. 

Traditionally there is a set of sessions focussing on methodological 
questions concerning issues of online data collection and web 

Prof. Don Dillman (Washington State University) will give a Keynote 
Speech on: How On-Line Surveys are Democratizing Social 
Research and Challenging Survey Methodology

The conference is jointly organized by the German Society for 
Online Research (http://www.dgof.de/indexe.htm) and the Social 
Survey Research Center, Institute of Sociology, University Duisburg-

The preliminary conference program is a available at 


Some minor changes may me implemented later. Registration is 
available at http://www.dgof.de/gor04/index_e.htm. 

Please take into account that until January 31, 2004 the German 
Society for Online Research offers a 20% reduction of the 
conference fees for early registration. Thereafter, registration is 
charged with the full fees. Attendance of the tutoral workshops is 
available only for those who register for the conference. 

I hope to meet you at the GOR 04!

Uwe Matzat
Uwe Matzat
Sociology Section
Sub-Department of Technology and Policy
Department of Technology Management
Eindhoven University of Technology
P.O. Box 513, 5600 MB Eindhoven
The Netherlands
phone: +31 40 247-8392
email: u.matzat at tm.tue.nl

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