[Air-l] international internet preservation consortium roundtable

jeremy hunsinger jhuns at vt.edu
Wed Sep 15 05:34:32 PDT 2004

> Dear AoIR-ists,
> Future researches about today's web and internet content in general 
> will be done
> on then available archives of this new media.
> What will these archives contain, how material will have been selected,
> collected, structured, documented so that future researchers can find 
> what they
> need, is an  open issue given the many changes that internet 
> introduces in
> traditional preservation practices.
> An important effort as started involving key players (National 
> Libraries,
> Internet Archive etc. see: netpreserve.org) to agree on choices to be 
> made on
> this important issue.
> Part of this effort consists in getting inputs from the researcher's 
> community.
> An advisory group has been set up to discuss this issue and will have 
> its first
> meeting soon.
> To present and discuss this issue, a roundtable is proposed by this 
> group at the
> AOIR conference and we really eagerly expect to start the debate on 
> this with
> your participation.
> The roundtable is scheduled quite early Monday morning (8:30), at 
> Pevensey
> Seminar Room 1A3.
> Looking forward to seeing you there.
> Julien Masanès
> julien.masanes at netpreserve.org
Jeremy Hunsinger
Center for Digital Discourse and Culture
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