[Air-l] Manuscript and synopsis available online for CAMGIRLS: Webcams, LiveJournals and the Personal as Political in the Age of the Global Brand.

Theresa M. Senft tqs1450 at nyu.edu
Wed Sep 15 09:15:09 PDT 2004

Hello to all pals at AoIR!

In the interest of fostering meets with like-minded souls in Sussex, I 
wanted to stop by the list and make some announcements.

On  October 29, I'll be defending my dissertation, entitled, "Camgirls: 
Webcams, LiveJournals and the Personal as Political in the Age of the 
Global Brand." The study, which combines auto-ethnography (I had a webcam 
in my own home for a year ) and postcolonial feminist critique, will be 
published in 2005 by Peter Lang as part of their terrific Digital 
Formations series. The five chapter titles are as follows

Chapter One: The personal as political in the age of the global brand
Chapter Two: I'd rather be a camgirl than a cyborg
Chapter Three: From telepresence to tele-ethicality
Chapter Four: The public, the private and the pornographic
Chapter Six: From "sisters" to sisters

AoIRers who would like to look over the document in its entirety (it still 
needs a final copy edit) can go here:


This is a password protected document which can be opened with the password 

I've also assembled a ten page chapter-by-chapter synopsis, so that you can 
pick and choose the material in the dissertation that best dialogues with 
your own research interests. The synopsis is at 

Finally, those looking for video material for their classes might be 
interested in a forthcoming documentary entitled WEBCAM GIRLS, shot by 
Canadian director Aerlyn Weissman. Although I haven't seen the doc yet (and 
I'm in it!), I understand from AoIR'er Mary Bryson (who saw a preview in 
Canada) that the film is quite good. Feel free to drop a line if you are 
interested in that, and I'll get you in touch with the distributors.

Okay, that's more than enough about me and I promise not to do that again. 
Like many of you, I'll be in Sussex, and am hoping to meet as many new 
folks as possible. If you have work that dialogues with mine--or if you 
even think it might--free to drop a line at terri.senft at nyu.edu and I'll 
buy the first beer in Sussex. If you aren't going to the conference, you 
can of course feel free to drop a line as well, and I'll take care of that 
beer some other time.


Theresa M. Senft
Auxiliary Adviser, Gallatin School of Individualized Study
Adjunct Assistant Professor , Interactive Telecommunications Program
New York University, 719 Broadway, Room 531
(212) 998-7333         terri.senft at nyu.edu

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