[Air-l] PCs were invented in 1968

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Here are some additional online resources on the history of computing, in
to the ones posted by Monica.......Alex Kuskis

Bernie Poole's Brief History of Computers (ppt):
Computer History: http://www.vii.org/afcomhis.htm
Computer Chronicles: From Stone to Silicon:
History of Apple Computers:
The Machine That Changed the World: http://ei.cs.vt.edu/~history/TMTCTW.html

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> Yup, that's what a student in my first class (Tech & Society) told me. I
> forget if it was by John, Paul, Ringo or George.
> The comment made me realize that I should include in the syllabus a potted
> article on the history of computing, from Einiac to Pentiums and wireless.
> Does anyone know of any?
> And I will also include my personal 40 years of computing. (Which is both
> on my website, and at www.digibarn.com -- Bruce Damer's wonderful computer
> museum near Santa Cruz, Calif.
>  Barry

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