[Air-l] email lists available of UK Internet users?

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Subject: [Air-l] email lists available of UK Internet users?

> I am contemplating an email-based survey of home page owners in the UK. I
> have some sympathy with Krishnamurthy, S. (2004) "The Ethics of Conducting
> E-Mail Surveys" in Readings in Virtual Research Ethics : Issues and
> Controversies, (Buchanan, E. A. ed.) Information Science Pub., Hershey,
> PA, http://faculty.washington.edu/sandeep/d/emailethics.pdf
> who suggests unsolicited survey requests could be considered spam and that
> academics should share lists of opted in email users where possible.
> So on the off chance this is possible has anyone assembled a reasonably
> large store of email addresses of UK Internet users - especially of UK
> home page owners? If I were to assemble a list of UK home page owners and
> received agreement from those contacted would others be willing and able
> to share it for their own research? If we could agree on a purposive
> sampling technique that would be methodologically (and ethically)
> defensible would anyone else be willing to help me to build such a list?
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