[Air-l] Conference absenteeism?

Nancy Baym nbaym at ku.edu
Sat Sep 25 19:37:03 PDT 2004

>  Is such a high absentee rate a fluke at AoIR? Do others have
>any thoughts on this topic?
>Cassandra Van Buren
>University of Utah

We try REALLY hard to get people to tell us if they are not coming 
far enough in advance that we can adjust the program accordingly. 
Most do, but much to my frustration, there are always no-shows, and 
those who cancel in the week before the event can't be taken out of 
the print version of the program in time. We haven't got the figures 
handy to tell you if this year was a fluke or not. It seems to me bad 
form to not show and we do ask that if you submit a proposal you 
consider it a promise to come should it be accepted. Other people are 
denied a spot if someone who doesn't show takes it.

I would be interested in knowing people's experiences at other conferences.

(And I'm glad you enjoyed your first AoIR meeting, Cassandra)


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