[Air-l] Re: Cyberstudies/internet studies/online community studies grad programs

Todd Davies tdavies at csli.stanford.edu
Sat Apr 2 18:13:27 PST 2005

Check out the Stanford Humanities Lab
(http://www.stanford.edu/group/shl/index.shtml).  Lots of activity there.
Starting with the Media-X list is a good lead-in to programs in
departments at Stanford.  Symbolic Systems, where I work, doesn't have a
doctoral program but may be opening up our master's program to outside
applicants next year.  Right now we restrict admission to Stanford
undergraduates. I look forward to seeing you at the Online Deliberation
conference.  For the rest of you, the accepted submissions are now visible
by clicking on the papers link at online-deliberation.net.  We'll announce
more about the program, including featured sessions and a schedule, soon.

Todd Davies

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