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Submission Deadline: May 31, 2005
/Information and Communication Technologies for Economic and Regional 
/A book edited by Dr. Hakikur Rahman, SDNP

The significance of information management in the developing nations 
needs no introduction; it is well-established phenomena in the 
development arena. Consequently there is an urgent need to understand 
the technology perspective along with the pragmatic applications of it 
and to explore the potential of different types of knowledge that it may 
yield. In this context, synthesis on contents from computer science and 
theoretical physics to information science, communication studies and 
entomology need to be revisited with nascent eyes, focusing development 
of common people the majority of the global community. With a concrete 
plan of action, focusing streamlined activities can assist any country 
in building a people-centred, inclusive and development-oriented 
information society. Therefore, management of information and knowledge 
is of prime importance in the development of masses in the context of 
economic and regional development.

The Overall Objective of the Book
The role of ICT in rural development can be extremely crucial. ICT 
provides the technology for connectivity, but connectivity without 
content is futile. ICT application related to information management can 
become an integral part of the overall strategy for development. 
Fostering partnership among government, civil society, the private 
sector and other development partners can effectively address economic 
and social divides. Creation of development anticipation through 
information and knowledge reiterates proper scientific research and 
management. Knowledge is a concept, wherein stakeholders contribute to 
it by ways of information sharing among retrospective domains. Resources 
eradicate poverty, knowledge empowers them and ICT plays a major role in 
bridging the gap between these two. A book focusing on management of 
information and knowledge utilizing technological and applied science 
for the development of rural communities can feed the society as a 
knowledge tool and guideline.

The Target Audience
The target audience of this book includes professionals and researchers 
working in the field of information networking and knowledge management 
in various disciplines such as information and communication sciences, 
education, adult education, computer science, and information 
technology. This book will be a useful collection in community 
libraries, public libraries, research organizations and academic 
institutes' libraries. Moreover, the book can act as a guideline for 
agencies and organizations that like to utilize ICT for delivering 
local-specific, demand-driven information to enhance grass-root 

Recommended topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
/Emerging issues in information management for the developing nations
Information management and knowledge dynamics for the development matrix
Management of information for knowledge vortex
Dissemination strategies for information management;
Strengthening mechanisms of information channel and practical 
Emphasizing the key role of information for capacity development
Skill transfer and building suitable ICT infrastructure for rural 
Development of online/offline content for community development;
Development of learning systems through policy reform, dialogue, and 
Maximizing ICT applications for knowledge development
Developing local, regional, national data base(s) and information system
Promoting greater resource mobilization and effective resource allocation

Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit /on or before *May 
31, 2005*/, a 2-5 page manuscript proposal clearly explaining the 
mission and concerns of the proposed chapter. Authors of accepted 
proposals will be notified by */June 30, 2005/* about the status of 
their proposals and sent chapter organizational guidelines. Full 
chapters are expected to be submitted by */September 30, 2005/*. All 
submitted chapters will be reviewed on a blind review basis. The book is 
scheduled to be published by Idea Group, Inc., _www.idea-group.com_ 
<http://www.idea-group.com/>, publisher of the Idea Group Publishing, 
Information Science Publishing, IRM Press, CyberTech Publishing, and 
Idea Group Reference imprints.

/Inquiries and Submissions can be forwarded *electronically* (Word 
document) or by *mail* to:/
Dr. Hakikur Rahman
SDNP Bangladesh (UNDP)
Tel.: +880 2 8126204 • FAX: +880 2 9118543 • GSM: +880 189 228939 • 
e-mail: hakik at sdnbd.org

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