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Gerard Goggin g.goggin at uq.edu.au
Sun Jul 17 23:36:53 PDT 2005

Thanks very much for these suggestions Kathy. We're finding, of 
course, that the topic is hugely bigger than we thought, and so there 
is much work to be done in understanding what is going on -- and 
theorising it in terms of larger debates on blogging and Internet 

Our hope is many others will write on disability and new media, as 
there seems to be a dearth of scholarship in the humanities and 
social sciences on this - rather curious given the enormous amount of 
highly significant cultural, social, and technological activity 
unfolding. So very much look forward to your own research on this!

Gerard Goggin

>Hi Peter and Gerald,
>Well, I keep a blog at museumfreak.livejournal.com that is sometimes
>related to disability.  There's a number of community journals on
>LiveJournal which are related, but I think the highest traffic general
>one would be no_pity.  Karen Nakamura, who studies the anthropology of
>disability in Japan, also has one at
>www.photoethnography.com/disability.  LisyBabe has an excellent and
>funny one at http://lisybabe.blogspot.com.  The Ragged Edge, an online
>newsletter (www.raggededge.com), keeps a blogroll and recently had an
>article on disability blogging.  Gregor Wolbring (the STS
>thalidomider) I believe also keeps a blog.
>You totally took one of my future planned research topics (sitting as
>I am at the intersection of social software and disability studies).
>But maybe since you're in Australia I can still get away with doing it
>here.  That's the difficulty--every time I come up with something to
>say, I do a literature search and somebody else has already said it!

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