[Air-l] SW to store webpages

Deanya Lattimore mdlattim at syr.edu
Sun Jun 5 14:26:58 PDT 2005

Internet Explorer has an option called a waff file -- it allows you to 
archive a website as many links deep as you like, excluding links to 
other sites if you so desire, including pictures, movies, etc.

In Internet Explorer, go to your File... Save as... and choose the Web 
Archive function.

Deanya Lattimore, ABD Syracuse Writing Program

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> Date: Sun, 05 Jun 2005 13:59:39 +0100
> From: <s.vicari at reading.ac.uk>
> Subject: [Air-l] SW to store webpages
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> Hi,
> I am a PhD student at the University of Reading, Uk. I am running a 
> study on
> 200 protest group websites. Would you suggest any good SW to store 
> whole
> websites offline?
> Thanks a lot, at the moment I am a bit lost in links and buttons...
> ste
> Stefania Vicari
> PhD student in Sociology
> University of Reading
> PO Box 218,
> Reading, RG6 6AA,
> United Kingdom.

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