[Air-l] SW to store webpages

Thomas Koenig T.Koenig at lboro.ac.uk
Sun Jun 5 14:45:23 PDT 2005

Deanya Lattimore wrote:

I take the liberty to quote your header:

> X-Mailer: Apple Mail (2.552)

> Internet Explorer has an option called a waff file -- it allows you to 
> archive a website as many links deep as you like, excluding links to 
> other sites if you so desire, including pictures, movies, etc. 

This feature seems to only be available on Macs!

WinHTTrack, though integrates into IE (although there are many reasons, 
why Firefox and Opera are more suitable browsers for research purposes, 
Opera, e.g. automatically time stamps and attaches the URL into the body 
of the HTML-file)


thomas koenig, ph.d.

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