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Jeremy Hunsinger jhuns at vt.edu
Sun Jun 5 18:41:40 PDT 2005

>> most features are only available on macs or unix-based systems...
> I doubt it. Especially, since MS tends to redefine bugs as  
> "features."  ;-) But apart from bugs, there is, of course, much  
> more software available for Win than for any other OS.

you might doubt it, but it is a fact of the interface and its  
limitations.   you could disagree there, but then you would be sorely  
pressed when faced with the full powers of the unix command-line.   
which is also one of the reasons a unix user can do more with wget  
than httrack can do, but there is plenty of evidence in that arena  
already.    think of it like this  each program can be scripted and  
all data can be piped or saved and reread, so that anything that you  
can think that httrack can do, can be done and then beyond that we  
can pipe it through any number of further systems from simply  
stripping the html, to counting every word, to doing a full  
statistical abstract of the text alone, or the text and code. if you  
know how to use the unix commandline each command is a multiplier.

as for the explanation marks, it was turning very clearly into a  
troll war.   little escalations such as the exclamation mark will be  
interpreted in many ways, and i don't know your intent, but I do know  
that at least one person saw it as a slight.   let's not go there.   
We have provided plenty of answers to the question, they all work,  
and they all can work to at least one user's satisfaction, so unless  
new information is available....

jeremy hunsinger
jhuns at vt.edu

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