[Air-l] IssueCrawler

Yanuar Nugroho yanuar-n at unisosdem.org
Mon Nov 21 11:18:31 PST 2005


Has anyone here ever used the Richard Rogers' Issue Crawler software (
http://www.govcom.org/ |
http://www.issuecrawler.net)? I am trying to use it to map Indonesian
NGOs/CSOs to evaluate interlinking among their websites to understand more
about their relationship with their donors and issue/concerns for a section
in my PhD thesis.

If so, I need information me about statistical tests which is well suited
for use with Issue Crawler output? Particularly for evaluating differences
of network centrality among subsets by domain of sites in the network. (As I
am aware, the output of IC includes an actor list of core network and core
with periphery).

Thanks for any comments and suggestion.


Yanuar Nugroho
Research Assistant & PhD Researcher
PREST - Institute of Innovation Research
The University of Manchester

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