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Ouch! I do not doubt your experience in Africa, however, your comment
sounds like a terribly generalised condemnation of an entire continent.


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> Okay, 
> Great on the $100 laptop. But how many people on this
> list have actually worked in Africa? 
> Well I have, and I lived in a locked compound on an
> agricultural resarch station and the number one
> problem on the station was theft. I had a full time
> cook who checked up on my house during the day and a
> guard that patrolled the buildings at night.
> All I had in the building was some furniture, a lamp
> and some clothes, no computers. I had a camera in
> there. The computers were kept elsewhere in a double
> locked room. The gates to the compound were also
> locked at night. There were as I mentioned, patrolling
> guards.
> Down the road from us was the power station.  It was
> surrounded by a DOUBLE barbed wire fence with a height
> of at least 2.5 meters. To keep people from stealing
> the electrical wire.
> Well and fine but how long are those laptops going to
> stay in the hands of the children they are meant to
> help. Maybe if the kid also has a handy AK-47.
> Cheers, Denise
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