[Air-l] "It can't be legal unless you pay for it"

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Thanks David! This article is excellent for my literature review. I am
nearly finished the first three chapters and I am adding targeted
literature now. This piece really hits home that the industry has
conducted a highly successful and effective anti-piracy communications
campaign. When law enforcement is completely befuddled, it is easy for
one to see how ordinary citizens are experiencing the chilling effects
of legal crackdowns on fair use.

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Recent discussion of the legality (or otherwise) of downloading audio
reminded me of a recent news story here in the UK about a trading
standards officer (locally-based business 'policeman') who found people
selling discs with Firefox on it and complained to a representative of
the Mozilla Foundation that "I can't believe that your company would
allow people to make money from something that you allow people to have
free access to."

Copyleft and creative commons etc is evidently hard for many of the
'ordinary public' (or even supposed experts!) to understand...


P.S. For more free to download and use audio, check out http://

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