[Air-l] teens and myspace

Steffasong at aol.com Steffasong at aol.com
Tue Feb 28 16:10:59 PST 2006

Is the notion of online social activity as "not real" a generational  
issue  - are we now the generation that doesnt adequately understand  that 

and how might we re-define notions of digital divide  considering all this?

This is an interesting question, Radhika    -- one I've been working on in 
one configuration or another for about a decade. 

Re. Facebook:  The students I have informally interviewed have  described an 
interesting twist in what you and others here are  finding.  The most recent 
student I spoke with, a 20 year-old junior,  explained to me that his "life is 
going much better since he's backed off  myspace."  Of course, I found this 
comment wildly interesting and pursued  it further.
He explained that he had spent so much time in front of the computer screen  
for the past two years that he didn't realize how addicted he was to  
relationships that "weren't real."  Said he was happy to get out again and  see people 
in person. 

When I asked about the rest of his friends he explained that most of  them 
are still stuck "talking" via computer screen.  He's enjoying getting  out, 
playing music, meeting for coffee at starbucks, etc.... 

Sounds just like our generation.
(Sorry, I'm a boomer.  It's boomer mentality to think "our" means  "mine."  

Love the discussion!
Stephanie  Bennett

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