[Air-l] AIR in Vancouver in 2007?

Richard Smith smith at sfu.ca
Tue Feb 28 16:18:55 PST 2006

Dear fellow AIR members,

As a break from the current discussions on teens and IM and SMS and  
all that, I have a question. Want to come to Vancouver in 2007?

I had a wonderful time at the AIR conference in Chicago last fall,  
and I am looking forward to Brisbane this fall (spring there, I  
guess). A few years ago I was at the Maastricht and Toronto AIR  
conferences and enjoyed those, as well. All of which is a preface to  
my seeming madness at what I am about to propose - hosting the next,  
next AIR (2007) in Vancouver, Canada. I think it is time to give  
something back.

I haven't done a formal proposal yet, and only spoken about it to a  
few people here in Vancouver, so if others are thinking similarly and  
are further along, let me know and I can tag along. If others think  
this is a good idea and would like to help out - please contact me  
directly (smith at sfu.ca). If you think this is a bad idea and I should  
NOT pursue it, I'd certainly like to hear about that, too!

I will be approaching the executive in the next week or so, with a  
few cost estimates and suggestions for venues. I think we can have a  
fun, interesting, and exciting conference here in Vancouver, and I  
look forward to showing you our lovely home. In the mean time,  
feedback is most welcome.


Richard Smith, Associate Professor School of Communication
Simon Fraser University, 515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, CANADA  
V6B 5K3
Phone: 604 291 5116 Web: http://www.sfu.ca/~smith/ Mobitus: 2001 1070  
0578 skype - callto://richard_k_smith
PGP Public Key: http://arago.cprost.sfu.ca/smith/ 

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