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Cunliffe D J (Comp) djcunlif at glam.ac.uk
Thu Jan 19 02:09:34 PST 2006

Minority Languages, Multimedia and the Web 
Special Issue of the New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia    
Volume 11, Number 2 / December 2005  
Guest-edited by Daniel Cunliffe and Susan Herring

Abstracts available freely online:

Introduction available freely online:


Introduction to Minority Languages, Multimedia and the Web  pp. 131 -
Daniel Cunliffe and Susan C. Herring  
Digital libraries and minority languages  pp. 139 - 155  
David M. Nichols, Ian H. Witten, Te Taka Keegan, David Bainbridge,
Michael Dewsnip  
Promoting minority-language use in a bilingual online community  pp. 157
- 179  
D. Cunliffe and R. Harries  

Immersion multimedia for adult Chiricahua language learners  pp. 181 -
M. Kalish  

Resistance to globalization: Language and Internet diffusion patterns in
Uzbekistan  pp. 205 - 220  
Carolyn Y. Wei and Beth E. Kolko  

Language-sensitive search behaviour and the role of domain knowledge
pp. 221 - 246  
A. Kralisch and B. Berendt  

Review of script displays of African languages by current software  pp.
247 - 255  
Quintin Gee  

Daniel Cunliffe 

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