[Air-l] [AIR-I] 3D imaging monitor

Jun-Hye KIM yagami88 at naver.com
Sun Jun 11 20:56:15 PDT 2006


Sharp has released the first monitor that can change from 2D to 3D imaging with the flick of a switch. 

Its first customers are expected to be professionals who use 3D technology for enhanced productivity, and who are willing to spend the $1500 on the display. Medical imaging, CAD (Computer Aided Design), mapping and oil exploration are areas that use 3D. 

But Sharp is hoping that the 15-inch 3D monitor will soon be marketed to video game and movie fans, as there are a number of people who wear 3D glasses to play some computer games. 

To achieve the 3D image, the monitor uses two LCD panels: the front panel displays the image while the back one angles the light coming from behind it, sending alternate columns to the observer’s left and right eyes. 

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