[Air-l] [Air-I] Most Favorite messenger service in KOREA

Jun-Hye KIM yagami88 at naver.com
Sun Jun 11 20:57:52 PDT 2006

TO AoIR list members 

My name is Jun-Hye KIM. 
I introduce internet messenger service of South Korea. 
Do you know Nate-On? 
It’s an instant messenger service offered by SK Communications. 
You know that the most favorite messenger service is MSN in the world. 
But a south Korea does not. 
More Koreans using Nate-On than those using MSN Messenger now. 
For the first time in March, Nate-On edged out MSN for the top spot. 
About 10.7 million people used Nate-On, compare to 10.65 that used MSN. 
Especially since MSN is so popular around the world. 
I hope that you visit Nate.com and enjoy Nate-ON. 

Nate homepage : http://www.Nate.com 

Thank you very much for listening. 

mail address : yagami88 at hanmail.net 
Homepage : Http://www.cyworld.nate/kjhdotcom Jun Hye KIM ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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