[Air-l] popcultures.com needs editors and tech help

Jeremy Hunsinger jhuns at vt.edu
Fri May 19 08:06:02 PDT 2006

I worked for a few weeks on the original popcultures project (in the  
90's), before i ran out of time.   It is an interesting resource and  
worth supporting.   So if you are interested in what they do, try to  
get involved.

From: Aleksandra Kaminska aleks.kaminska at gmail.com

Popcultures is a website for the academic community working in the  
areas of cultural studies, media and communication. We are still  
seeking a few more subject editors to maintain and update the site.  
We are currently seeking volunteers to edit the following subject areas:

- Media Theory: audience, content, effects, process...
- Media Industry: structure, organization, policy, advertising/pr/ 

The subject editors will be responsible for keeping up-to-date  
information on conferences, call for papers, interesting articles and  
books, etc., and also, initally, in creating resources for the  
subject (a bibliography for example). To learn more, please visit the  
temporary page at: www.popcultures.com.

We are also seeking looking for technical assistance so if you have  
Textpattern expertise and would like to help please let us know!

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please email me  
at : aleks.kaminska at gmail.com.

Thank you.
Aleks Kaminska
Managing Editor, Popcultures.com

Jeremy Hunsinger
Center for Digital Discourse and Culture
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