[Air-l] Text book recommendations

Heidi Campbell hcampbe1 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue May 23 12:47:26 PDT 2006

  I am preparing a grad course in the fall entitled New Media, Culture & Networked Society. It will focus on social & cultural issues raised by communication and life in an information-based society. The dominant themes to be dealt with include: community, identity, authority/power relations and religion/ideology.  I have been trying to find a core text book for such a course but have been having difficulty. 
  I have considered--David Bell (2001) Introduction to Cybercultures, New York: Routledge—as an introductory text but it seems a bit dated now. I would welcome any recommendations from the list, or “must-read” journal articles for the topics I have listed above.
  Heidi Campbell
  Dept. of Communication
  Texas A&M University

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