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I am an undergrad vulnerable to the mighty marking of professors for  
citation errors. But here are some of my examples.

I use the McGill Students legal Citation guide these days.

Here are a few examples.

from my honours paper

Computer crime: is hacking really that bad? An exploration of the  
cases and laws concerning unauthorised access to computers.

at this address http://www.ncf.ca/~at571/LAWS4908.html

Florida Computer crime laws


F.L. Computer Crimes Act tit. XLVI Chapter 815 (1978) on-line <http:// 
App_mode=Display_Statute&URL=Ch0815/ch0815.htm>, (cited April, 2005).

Lexis cite

U.S. Public Code 18 § 1029 (2004) [Lexis]

my own paper on-line cited in my paper

Peter Timusk, Computers:Ethical and Unethical Actions (Ottawa:  
Carleton University, 2000) term paper for Philosophy of Computer  
Ethics Course, on-line <http://www.ncf.ca/~at571/page1.html> at 11.

 From my Legal Issues in eCommerce course

from my paper

Secure Electronic Signatures, the Personal Information Protection and  
Electronic Documents Act, (2000), and Consumer Transactions Involved  
in Ecommerce.

paper at this address  http://www3.sympatico.ca/ptimusk/Laws4204.html

typical cite

European Parliament, 1998/0191(COD)  PE2 on-line <http:// 
www3.europarl.eu.int/> (Cited February 24, 2004) at articles 3-4.

citing my own paper again

Peter Timusk, Make Believe and Computer Crime: The Players and the  
(Ottawa, Ont.: National Capital FreeNet, 2002) on-line
<http://www.ncf.ca/~at571/paperconf103-2002.html> (cited February 10,  

citing Canadian law

The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act,  
S.C., 2000, c.5 on-line <http://laws.justice.gc.ca/en/ 
p-8.6/91355.html> (Cited February 21, 2004).


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