[Air-l] Lab Management Software

Charlie Balch charlie at balch.org
Wed Nov 1 21:42:23 PST 2006

Sometime in the last year, perhaps on this list, I saw mention of freeware
that allowed a lab instructor to see any screen in the lab and also to
broadcast any computer screen in the room to all the screens in the room. I
did not need the software then but sure could use it now. Can anyone point
me in the right to direction to find software with this capability?

Here are few scenarios I specifically want to accomplish:
* The instructor should be able to easily pick the computer they want to
* The instructor should be able to show any student's screen to everyone
giving the ability to show a classic mistake or well done result.
* The instructor should be able to show their screen to everyone *and* lock
out any other access so as to avoid distractions and temptations like email.
This screen shot should also include mouse movements. 

Thanks in advance for all suggestions,

Charlie Balch
Professor of CIS
Arizona Western College

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