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Birgit Braeuchler has done some interesting anthropological research in
Indonesia that is partly on this subject . Her recent book is in German but
she's also published in English, eg. 

Islamic radicalism online: The Moluccan mission of the Laskar Jihad in
Auteur(s) / Author(s)
BRÄUCHLER Birgit (1) ;
Affiliation(s) du ou des auteurs / Author(s) Affiliation(s)
(1) University of Munich, ALLEMAGNE
Résumé / Abstract
The Internet has become an important instrument for the information politics
of radical Muslim groups. This paper focuses on one of the Islamist groups
that have emerged in Indonesia recently-the Communication Forum of the
Followers of the Sunnah and the Community of the Prophet (FKAWJ). The FKAWJ
sent its fighters, the so-called Laskar Jihad or Jihad troop/fighters, to
Ambon in April 2000 to help their Muslim brothers against the 'Christian
attackers' in the Moluccan conflict-a conflict that was also extended into
cyberspace by several actors. Describing the Internet presence of the Laskar
Jihad, I give an example of how Islamism is being transferred into cyberspace.
The position of the FKAWJ concerning the situation in the Moluccas is outlined
as well as other (online) strategies used. Through these strategies the cyber
actors create an image and construct an identity that is congruent with their
offline philosophy but extends its reach. It is evident that the online level
is highly interconnected with the offline level. When analysing contemporary
Islamism it is essential to take both levels into account.
Revue / Journal Title
The Australian journal of anthropology  (Aust. j. anthropol.)  ISSN 1035-8811
Source / Source
2004, vol. 15, no3, pp. 267-285 [19 page(s) (article)] (2 p.)

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> Has anyone come across lit about online jihad (other than the work by
> Gary Bunt)?
> -robert
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