[Air-l] i-pol: a portal on Internet and politics

Wainer Lusoli w.lusoli at lse.ac.uk
Fri Nov 10 01:04:30 PST 2006

Dear AoIRers -

We have revamped [new & improved...] our research site on Internet and


It now resembles a portal, featuring both our own work [Stephen Ward, Rachel
K. Gibson and Wainer Lusoli] and much wider research on Internet and

It provides annotated links and pointers to Internet and politics papers,
initiatives, research projects, data and news.

The research blog [i-blog] reviews issues related to e-government,
e-democracy, Internet and electoral campaigns and e-participation.

The post rate is about 3 msgs per week, on the above subjects.

If you have a blog or websites dealing with Internet and politics [broadly
defined], happy to exchange a link, if you are not already there.

If you have something you would like to share, please get in touch.

All other comments and contributions welcome, as you will see the site still
needs a wee bit of work.

All the best, and kind regards

Wainer, Steve and Rachel

i-pol: a portal on Internet and politics
http://del.icio.us/ipol [under construction]

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